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The best solution for  Psychotherapy | Testing | Psychiatry

Features and Benefits

  • Cloud based on Microsoft Azure.
  • Designed to assist you to create a compliant documentation record.
  • Unique choice to use the last note as a starting point for the new one.
  • Maintains a library of YOUR often-used words, sentences, and more.
  • Reminds you to complete all carrier required fields.
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited training and Support
  • Print, fax, and email notes (secure) at no extra cost.
  • Logical flow.
  • Telehealth Built in.
  • Scheduler
  • MIPS
  • So much more….
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Billing and Claims Processing Options


Contact us to discuss pricing needs specific to your practice. We are happy to discuss customized needs and special circumstances.

We receive many accolades from users, this is one of our favorites primarily because it is from a very accomplished psychologist, university professor, author, and media host who resisted using an EMR, but gave it a cautious try.

In 1941 C. M. Kornbluth, one of the first important modern science fiction writers published a book entitled “The Marching Morons.” In it a man is put into a suspended state for 100 years due to an accident in his dentist’s office. When he awakens, he discovers that the average IQ of most of the worlds inhabitants has dropped to 45. How this has happened is brilliantly described but is clearly not politically correct. In any event, the man who turns out to be a rather psychopathic salesman becomes emperor of the world. He does get his just deserts but that is not the point of this email. I keep looking around for signs of real intelligence and I am heartened when I find signs that as our national IQ keeps plummeting there is still hope. PsyNote® is such a sign. It is easy to use (once a moron learns its intricacies) save much time and energy and relieves the anxieties associated with non-compliance with the Medicare folks. Thanks for this piece of intelligence.

A brief history of PsyNote®

Some facts about PsyNote®