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2024 Deductible Instructions

2024 Medicare Deductible Choices

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2024 Medicare QMB Patients

2024 Patient Statement Choices:

We do not charge a fee to prepare your patient statements. We can send them to you as a PDF file at no charge. We do charge a fee, $0.65 each, if you want us to print them to paper. If you want us to print, insert into an envelope, and mail to the patient/responsible party, our fee is now $2.00 for each page. Our mailed statements include a return mailer (not postage paid) for your patients to use, very easy and professional looking.

HIPAA Use of Patient Names:

We will not use the patient name or any other individually identifiable information on e-mails to you or any other person or entity. Sometimes it is necessary to refer to a particular pt. when communicating via e-mail, so please choose an option.