Management & Staff

Alan Duretz, CCP—President
More than 27 years experience in healthcare management including national publicly held companies. Bachelor of Science (Management) from Philadelphia University, completed the MBA program at LaSalle College, in Healthcare Administration, Honorable Discharge US Army, invited participant of the Healthcare Impact Conference at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and earned the Certified Compliance Professional designation. Appointed to FCSO (Florida Medicare) Provider Outreach & Education Advisory Group, and sub-committee on enrollment, and 14 year member of Broward County Board of Education, Medical billing and Coding Industry advisory Board.

Roy Moncada, Operations ManagerRoy Moncada—Vice President and Partner
Roy was working happily in NYC for a huge medical claims clearinghouse, cheering for his Yankees. When he decided to relocate to S. FL to be with family, looking for similar work was top on his agenda. Lucky for us one of our clients recommended him, and we became the beneficiary of his move. Skilled in software and hardware, as well as the EDI process, he is responsible for the day to day operations of our claims processing efforts. Except for his devotion to the NY Yankees, he would be perfect.



Sandy Bertrand—Credentialing and Enrollment ManagerSandy Bertrand, Claims Processing
Sandy, a local girl, born and bred in Broward County. Graduated Pompano Beach HS and currently a student at FAU majoring in Health Information Management, and if that is not enough, also graduated from Broward College and ATC Medical Billing and Coding. Sandy is our head of Credentialing and enrollment, and handles many special projects, and adds a level of versatility and computer skills we are proud of. We know if you have a special needs project, a problem to solve, Sandy is the one to rely on.

David Kirsch—Consulting Programmer
David, a graduate of FAU with a BS in Computer Science, is our in-house software design and implementation guru. Starting as an intern, David K keeps us in the forefront of all things related to software and associated technologies. David has written our internal reports and our proprietary "Web Admin" to allow us to manage our clients data in a safe, secure, and compliant environment. He is also our PsyNote® chief programmer, working with our team of providers, designers, and compliance professionals as we migrate our flagship EMR to the next level. He's our (and your) go to person as we all include more technology in our day to day clinical and business activities.

PhyBill Office Staff December, 2016

Tamika Anderson, Janet Rosario & Mary AntoineTamika Anderson—Account Manager- Large Group
From her first day we all knew Tamika would fast become an integral link in our chain of excellent account managers; and she is comfortable with the nuances and the challenges of large or small practices, she tracks those pesky commercial carve out payers. Not only that, she is not stumped by the unusual, comfortable getting on the phone and having a spirited conversation with a payer trying to avoid their responsiblty.

Isabel Nadeau, Account Manager
Isabel Nadeau—Account Manager-Behavioral Practices
Isabel another New York transplant, graduated from Nassau County Post HS system, with a degree in Medical Office Assistant. Her NY roots and experience with large organizations imparted a wonderful sense of confidence and a "can-do" spirit. Now we have to get her on the Marlins bandwagon, and the rest will fall into place.

Monica Mathis, Account ManagerMonica Mathis—Account Manager- Large Specialty Group
Monica has been here the second longest. We've watched her kids graduate HS and now college. If you have ever talked to Monica, you know how pleasant, smart, and just plain nice she is. But the real key is her quick mind, she seems to have a knack to identify and solve problems often before we know they exist. She loves her kids and church, and we look forward to some weddings in the future.

Serena Rivera, Account Manager

Serena Rivera—Account Manager

Serena, another NY transplant, (I am surrounded) has become one of our most valuable account managers. After running our infomation trafficflow area for more than a year,we quickly saw she had the drive and capability to do much more. She has a knack of solving problems, always with her great smile.

Corinne Zimmerman—Enrollment Credentialing
Yes, another fellow NJ-ite, by way of South Carolina. Corinne fits perfectly well with our mix of NY/NJ transplants, with a nice blending of her years in the south. A wiz at most tasks, and tenacious to boot, no carrier will get in her way of getting you through their maze of enrollment gates.

Shannon McGaha—Phybill & PsyNote® Demo, training and new client engagement
A local girl, born and bred right here in Margate, FL and our newest addition. She joins us having spent 24 years in the medical administration field, most recently 7 years right around the corner at Northwest Medical Center an HCA hospital. Shannon's warm and friendly personality is immediately noticed by all, and is partly why she is the perfect person to introduce you to us. Shannon is able to show you how to use our website, PsyNote®, and take care of new client transition, training, and even some sales and marketing.

Anjel Miller—Account Manager small groups and individual accounts
Born in the DC-Maryland area, but a local resident since 2010. Anjel has had a varied background, working in the insurance field as well as restuarants. Her people skills combined with computer and over all tech savvy ways, is what convinced us to bring her on board. It didnt take long to recognize she posseses the intellect and interest to solve problems and in so doing has quickly become very well appreciated by her accounts. A beach lover and reader, she can be found on a long nature walks with her daughter.

HIPAA Certificate

Here at Phybill, we're proud to offer:

  • Experience
    • Owners-27 years
    • Average Staff-15+ years
  • Education
    • Owners-Graduate level
    • Average Staff-2 years post high school
  • Training
    • HIPAA In-Services
    • Fraud & Abuse In-Services
    • Coding seminars
    • Compliance Training
MBA Certificate