"I don't worry if my staff is productive and compliant...
PhyBill keeps them running in fine tune"
---Dr. B.C.

Your systems are in place, you've made the investment in hardware, software and people. But you know something is amiss. It doesn't seem like things are flowing smoothly.

More than likely, as in many office environments, your staff is well meaning but lack the professional, experienced oversight needed to pull it all together.

Does it seem like there are two modes of operation in the office...more work than can be handled by your staff (crisis) or not enough work to keep everyone busy ($$$)?

These are symptoms of staff without management. Even a small office can benefit greatly by periodic outsourced oversight review.

We personally know a physician who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to an unscrupulous office manager, absent of oversight. Ultimately an audit uncovered a combination of lost billings, open billings, and theft!

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