Revenue Cycle
"Phybill has added a dimension to my practice that was sorely missing with other billing companies" ---Dr. A.F.

Revenue Cycle is not rocket science…it’s just doing the job. We obligate ourselves to examine, call, research, etc., every billed insurance claim to assure the carrier adjudicated the claim properly. We streamline that process by updating your patients’ demographics, training your staff when DX-CPT codes cause rejects or denials, and advising you of any practices that stimulate questions by the carrier.

Agenda for Dr. B. A. Winner
January 2001

  1. Discuss Revenue
    1. Gross Revenue By
      1. Location
      2. Insurance
      3. Place of Service
      4. Associate(s)
      5. Referral Source(s)
      6. Codes
      7. Diagnosis
    2. Rate Analysis
      1. Spreadsheet reimbursement rates by payor source
      2. Percentage comparison against fee schedule
      3. Percentage including co-pays and co-insurance
    3. Summary
  2. Discuss Receivables
    1. Unpaid Claims
      1. Initial unpaid claims due to submission error & corrective action
      2. Appeals, medical necessity
      3. Coverage denied
      4. Require pre-authorization
    2. Breakdown
      1. Spreadsheet by payor source
      2. Spreadsheet by Code
      3. Spreadsheet by Provider, POS
  3. Recommendations for Improvement
    1. Procedural changes prior to submission to PhyBill
    2. Communication with payor source(s) to resolve issue(s)


Our Revenue Cycle Services Feature: