billing & documentation management tool

PsyNote® & now PsyNote® Cloud!

More than five years of planning, research, design, and thought has finally resulted in the most asked for product in the Psych profession:

An easy to use, easy to implement, and full service billing & documentation management tool.

PhyBill, Inc. with twenty plus years of experience in billing and managing psych practices has developed PsyNote™, an EMR (electronic medical record) specifically designed for psychological practices . No matter your practice nuances; office, inpatient, nursing home, clinic, etc, this will ease your transition into the high tech world. The benefits, too numerous to list in their entirety include:

  • Web or local based versions.
  • We install, train, and support, including all updates.
  • We archive and back up your data
  • Complies with all HIPAA and section 490 security requirements
  • One step review of a patients entire visit history
  • Automatically submits billing at your direction
  • Automatically confirms successful submission
  • Print, fax, or e-mail documentation at your direction
  • Seamless updates and additions

One brief look, and you’ll agree, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Other EMR’s are complicated, too generic, take forever to customize for your practice, are very costly, and may require you to back-up and keep secure, and frankly, do not help streamline your daily workflow.

And here’s the best news; PsyNote™ is offered at no cost, no charge, no monthly fee; nada, zip, gornished (Bubkis), with a competitively priced billing agreement.

If you love it but do not need our superior billing/collection services, click here for our introductory fee.

Download our PsyNote (tm) brochure.